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I sort of followed a recipe.  It came out REALLY bitter.

Any/all suggestions/thoughts/opinions are welcome.

It's a cold curried cucumber soup with mint ginger pesto.

English cuke (somewhat bitter too, though peeled)
Watercress (I'm fairly certain I put in too much!)
Green onion (I used red onion)
Grated ginger (I used more)
Garlic (I used more)
Curry paste (I used more)

Mint leaves (not sure if I used more or less)
Grated ginger (I used more)
Extra virgin olive oil
Yogurt (I used more)

I didn't write it, and don't know who did.  I like it.  I like it a lot!  Same goes for a lot of other groups that have protested in Toronto/Canada before.



Why I support the Tamil protestors...Collapse )

TOTALLY worth watching!!!


There has been a relatively high-profile court case in Ontario involving an HIV-positive man who did not disclose his status to his sexual partners, and subsequently two ex-partners have died of AIDS-related cancers and seven women have tested HIV-positive.

He was found guilty.

Disclosure?Collapse )

Message from the Stoddart Family Farm from Little Britain, Ontario.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Pasture-raised Meat CSA. Are you looking to purchase delicious, nutritious pasture-raised meat? Want shopping that is easy, affordable and supports your local small-scale farmer? Want to know who and how your meat is raised?
My WHAT a day!

Oh what a great day.....Collapse )
Okay, so I'm getting better at this creating/cooking/baking thing, and it's starting to stress me out.  What to do?  I suspect I'm better in the food area than the education area, but how am I to know?  What will make me happiest?  Combo of the two?  The Tex Mex rub with the homemade BBQ sauce was SUPER DUPER!!!  Mind you, the garlic roasted potatoes were superb too.  

MoreCollapse )

Okay, I'm Jewish.

Read on...Collapse )
ALMOST all the baking and cooking are put away.

The soup is away for now.

The chili is away for now.

Almost all the Thickies, brownies, gingerbread and butter triple ginger cookies are away.


I'm exhausted.

Time for....
I have used 8 cups of sugar, 18 cups of flour, 6 bags of Skor bits, 9 cups of chocolate chips, two packages of sugar cones...and the world will have Thickies!!!

I will also be making gingerbread that is equally ginger, bread and heavenly.

Flourless brownies as well.

Dim Sum and schoolwork are probably on the horizon too.

Oh ya, and Jodi comes home tonight.